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Lancaster Canal. Photo © John FreemanThe Lancaster Canal
Video, 57 mins
Published by: Video Active
Reviewer: John Freeman

The Lancaster Canal has been isolated from the rest of the canal system ever since it was opened in the 19th Century. In 2002 the Millennium Ribble Link was opened, finally connecting the Lancaster, or "Black and White" as it's known, to the rest of the system. This video, shot in August 2003, travels the length of the canal from the Link up to the Northern Reaches above Kendal.

Well produced within the limitations of budget, (sound quality is generally good but could be better), this title from Videoactive affords an entertaining snapshot of the Lancaster Canal, detailing some of its history and presenting some spectacular views along its length. While much of the footage is shot on the canal there are also some interesting asides as the production team stop off along the way. They're full of praise for Lancaster (and admit not being able to cover it in detail) and the tape includes interviews with some local characters. The documentary is also fascinating as a snapshot of the hot days of August 2003, and filled with enthusiasm for canal travel.

While I'd personally like to learn more about the canal's builder and much of the historical information is unfortunately brief, I think the tone and format works well and presents the Canal in a great light. It certainly prompted me to try and find out more about some of the local history mentioned.

If you're considering a canal journey by boat or simply walking its length there are also several useful travel tips.

John Freeman

The video is available from VideoActive:
Mill House Studios, Higher Wych, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 7JR
New release information Tel: 01948 780564

VideoActive have been producing canal videos for over a decade and have a wide range of canal and railway videos available.


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